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  1. Top 5 things to do in Dubai

    As you know I went on vacation with my friends to Dubai about a month ago. We tried to do as much as possible during that time, so I thought that I would share my top 5 of things you should do when you go to Dubai. I hope I will be able to go back soon, it is such a beautiful city. But meanwhile I dream of that...

    Here you have my top 5:

    1. Full-day tour of Dubai and Abu Dhabi

    City of Dubai day and night

    If you have limited time and want to see as much of Dubai as possible you should go on a full-day tour of Dubai, preferably including a chance to see Abu Dhabi. The tour should include Burj Khalifa of course - because have you really been to Dubai if you haven't seen it? And even though you aren't religous it worth seeing the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi because, it is a "must-see in the Emirates" for a reason. Another bonus when you go on a tour and don't explore yourself is all the intresting facts you get from your tour guide and of course that you get picked up right at your hotel.

    2. Premium Red Dunes & Camel Safari with BBQ at Al Khayma Camp

    Camel running

    Another must do when you go to Dubai is explore the desert. You'll get surprised how much fun you can have in the sand. Sandboarding really is a fun experience. Camels migh not be my favorite animal but it is fun to be able to say that I have ridden on a camel. My friends took really fun and nice pictures for my Instagram posing with and on that camel. Many times at these sand dunes experiences it includes local performances, nice photos of the sunset and a delishous barbecue dinner.

    3. Dubai Atlantis Aquaventure (including Lost Chambers Aquarium)


    In the heat it is really nice to have some water activities. And I can imagine that this is extra fun if you have kids. But even as young adults it was really fun to enjoy the rides on this waterpark, and when you've had enough of the fun you can float along lazy rivers and relax on the beach.

    4. Dubai Marina Luxury Yacht Tour with Breakfast or BBQ

    Two girls relaxing on a yacht

    If you go to Dubai as a couple, a romantic yacht tour can spice up your trip. I can imagine that this would be a great way to propose too. But even as a group of friends it was really nice to enjoy luxury life. You can choose between breakfast or bbq, and we chose bbq. From the superyacht you have a great view of the city and it's famous buildings. This, with other words, gives another great oppertunity to take amazing photos. And I can say that after the eventfull day at the waterpark it was great to just relax on a yacht.

    5. Bateaux Dubai Dinner Cruise

    Wonderful view of Dubai by night

    If you couldn't get enough of the boat experience, here is something special. You can cruise on the Dubai Creek, eat dinner and have an amazing view through the glass-walls on the boat. Yes, glass walls! The dinner is a 4-course, pretty luxurious, that includes sodas, wine or beer depending on the package you choose. I wouldn't call this a must do, but it is really an experience.

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  2. 6 packs! 14th of June

    We are back with another 6 themed items. This month's theme is beach and surfing. If you are a beach girl you will love these things. They'll remind you of those wonderful days at the beach and at the same time helps you with a good mood.

    Let's take a look at these beautiful pictures to have on your notebook or phone:

    1. You can't stop waves but you can learn to surf

    You can't stop waves but you can learn how to surf

    This quote is really inspiring because this is life. There will always be up and downs and waves hitting you in the head. That's why you need to learn how to surf in life. A really good quote to bring to school or work.

    2. Wake up and quickly go to the beach

    Wake up and quickly go to the beach

    Is there a better way to start the day then at the beach? That's why you should quickly go to the beach when you wake up. Many times surfers also avoid the mid-day sun so they wake up early and go to the beach and surf. That's why this is a perfect surfer quote.

    3. These are the days we live for

    These are the days we live for

    You know when you have those perfect days, maybe with a group of friends at the beach. Those days are the days we live for, isn't that right? Let's remind us of that every day.

    4. Some days starts better than the others

    Some days starts better then others

    Have you ever started your day with a beach walk? Or maybe you just moved down to the beach and continued sleeping on your beach bed in the shade hearing the waves coming in? Yeah, some days just starts better than others.

    5. Beach please

    Beach Please

    Oh, beach please. I just want to go to the beach! You know when you live so close to the beach and yet you never go there because of.... life! You need to work or go to school, clean, do the dishes, cook food and so on. Life just go on and you just feel like: Beach please!

    6. Beach hair – Don't care

    Beach hair - Don't care

    The beach look is this fresh, salty hair that is very formable. Some would maybe call it unorganized, others call i fashion. Who does not want beach waves in there hair? There are girls that fight to get a beachy look every morning or with the curl iron and salt spray. So why would I be ashamed of my beach hair?

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  3. Playlist this week! 7th June 2019

    Bart listening to music with headphones

    New month - new music! The music industry produces new music all the time. That's why you need to stay on top of the toplists every month, or even every week, to know what's new. That way you can update your playlist with new, fresh music. That will also help you to not get bored of the music you listen to.

    Let's check out this weeks top ten!

    1. Earfquake - Tyler, The Creator

    Earthquake, shaking house

    This is a swaggy song and I like the beat. Apearantly everybody likes it, but something with it doesn't really speaks to me. So while everybody goes listening to this one it doesn't make it into my playlist.

    2. Old town road (Remix) - Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus

    Old time road, Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus

    So they made a remix of an oldie. I like the thought of it. And they do swing it. If it comes on the radio I will definetly enjoy it.

    3. bad guy - Billie Eilish

    Billie Ellish feeling the beat

    Billie Eilish is now a world famous young lady. I really like her jazzy voice. She does her own thing riding on the deep thoughts of this world. It is really well done and it is a good way of raising those topics to the surface. She deserves all respect for what she is doing and gets it from both the young public and the older generation.

    4. I don't care - Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber

    I don't care

    Two great singers colaborating - Who can complain? This is a really sweet song. I have a hard time not liking whatever Ed Sheeran does. This gets into my playlist. I would call it a Thursday song, do you understand what I mean?

    5. Sunflower - Post Malone, Swae Lee

    Sunflower poping up

    This one seems to have stayed on the toplists since last month. What more can I say? People like spider man.

    6. Truth Hurts - Lizzo

    Truth hurts - Tell me the truth

    A girl rocking the rap world! We always love a queen. She also raises important questions, which always deserves respect.

    7. Suge - DaBaby

    DaBaby dancing

    Rap seems to be the theme of this month. This song isn't my kind of rap though. People seems to like it though so you should give it a chance.

    8. I THINK - Tyler, The Creator

    I think

    The creator has two songs top 10 this month - impressive! His style is called alternative rap. He has been an active musican since 2008 and things is starting to go very well for him lately since the songs from his new album is all over the toplists lately.

    9. If I can't have you - Shawn Mendes

    Shawn Mendes on stage

    Shawn Mendes is back! This makes me very happy because this is my kind of music. This song is his new single, congratulation mr Mendes to the success. Let's hope it keeps climbing to the top. This will definetly be my Friday song.

    10. Pop Out - Polo G, Lil Tjay

    Pop Out - Polo G, Lil Tjay

    Another rap song. I'm telling you, rap is taking over the playlists. If you like rap you will be very happy about this.

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  4. Home Décor

    When you finally are moving to your own place, or get the freedom to redesign your own room, you cannot forget the final touches - the décor. That is what will give you that personal touch, what makes you feel like you are in your own home. What you should try to do is to give it a positive vibe. You want your home to be a place that makes you feel good, a place to recharge your batteries.

    A great way to get a personal touch is through pillows, mugs and jars.

    Let me show you!

    1. Make smart choices in your life

    Make smart choices in your life

    With a cute and inspiring quote you get a long way. Quotes says alot about a person. Is this a person with a positive mindset? You can also see if the person has goals and passions.

    2. Unplug


    This pillow gives you a good reminder. Sometimes we are to plugged. We always carry our phones around everywhere and sit infront of computers, tablets and other screens. Although you might not notice it at first, this really gives us inner stress. That's why I try to unplugg a bit more often lately.

    3. Life is better when you're laughing

    Life is better when you're laughing

    This is so true. We should surround outselves with postivive people that makes us laugh. This is a sequin pillow. A fun and beautiful material that you can change the appearence of by passing your hands over it. A fun thing to do while watching TV maybe?

    4. You are something magical

    You are something magical

    You really are something magical. Even when you are tired and just got out of bed. Magic comes from the inside. Never forget that.

    5. "If you want peace you won't get it with violence"

    If you want peace you won't get it with violence - John Lennon

    John Lennon truly said som wise things in his life. This is one thing he said that is a beauitful reminder to get with your morning coffee.

    6. Today's good mood is brought to you by coffee

    Today's good mood is brought to you by coffee

    Sometimes coffee is our hero. Because sometimes we need a push towards that positive mind set. And what is better then an ice coffee in a cute mason jar with a reusable straw? Well that is one of my favourite ways of starting the day anyways. Oh! And a mason jar looks good on the kitchen shelf too.

    7. Be better then you were yesterday

    Be better then you were yesterday

    We should all strive to improve ourselves every single day. Life is too short to waste a day. We all want to become better persons and improve our lives every day. Decorating our homes with things that reminds us of that is a step towards success.

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  5. Instagram worthy places in Dubai!

    We are finally back from our trip to Dubai and I am now ready to share with you some of the instagram worthy places as I promised.

    Here you have 7 options.

    Bur Khalifa

    Bur Khalifa - tallest building in the world

    This is the tallest building in the world. You can't go to Dubai and not have visited this one. The security is a bit over the top so be prepared for that. But imagine, you will have instagramphotos of you inte the tallest building of the world and with a view over all of Dubai.

    Gossip café and desserts

    Coffee with spider

    Cafés is always good places for instagram. In this café you can enjoy delisious coffé with cute designs.

    Dubai Miracle Garden

    It's a miracle

    This is a beatiful place where you can take hundreds of photos with colourful and beautiful backgrounds. Everything is created from flowers. You can find anyything from The Eiffel Tower to an Emirates A380.

    Jumeira public beach

    Burj al Arab

    This is the perfect beach to take your beach photos on. It's a beautiful beach with a background view of a skyscraper called Burj Al Arab. If you just want a cool photo of the skyscraper reflecting in the water you should go there at sunset.

    City walk in Dubai

    Animated city fly

    Here is another place where you can take millions of photos. At the city walk you find knitted trees and street art. You can also find cool cafes and cute boutiques.

    Green planet Dubai

    Katy Perry and monkey selfie

    Beautiful plants and trees and animals. What more can you ask for? Take an instagram photo with a cute sloth or monkey and you've made yours and everybody elses day.

    Souk Madinat Jumeirah

    Minions on shopping

    This place has a modern feel to Arabian architecture. Eat at delightful restaurants and visit traditional shops. There is also a super scenic abra ride where you can take beautiful photos.

    That was just seven of my favourite places. There are many more places that also will help you get that nice feed. I also wanted to remember you to enjoy those places in the moment and not only through a camera lens. Sometimes we just get so cought up with taking photos that we forget to just enjoy the experience. So do also put the camera or phone down and enjoy your trip!

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