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  1. Instagram worthy places in Dubai!

    We are finally back from our trip to Dubai and I am now ready to share with you some of the instagram worthy places as I promised.

    Here you have 7 options.

    Bur Khalifa

    Bur Khalifa - tallest building in the world

    This is the tallest building in the world. You can't go to Dubai and not have visited this one. The security is a bit over the top so be prepared for that. But imagine, you will have instagramphotos of you inte the tallest building of the world and with a view over all of Dubai.

    Gossip café and desserts

    Coffee with spider

    Cafés is always good places for instagram. In this café you can enjoy delisious coffé with cute designs.

    Dubai Miracle Garden

    It's a miracle

    This is a beatiful place where you can take hundreds of photos with colourful and beautiful backgrounds. Everything is created from flowers. You can find anyything from The Eiffel Tower to an Emirates A380.

    Jumeira public beach

    Burj al Arab

    This is the perfect beach to take your beach photos on. It's a beautiful beach with a background view of a skyscraper called Burj Al Arab. If you just want a cool photo of the skyscraper reflecting in the water you should go there at sunset.

    City walk in Dubai

    Animated city fly

    Here is another place where you can take millions of photos. At the city walk you find knitted trees and street art. You can also find cool cafes and cute boutiques.

    Green planet Dubai

    Katy Perry and monkey selfie

    Beautiful plants and trees and animals. What more can you ask for? Take an instagram photo with a cute sloth or monkey and you've made yours and everybody elses day.

    Souk Madinat Jumeirah

    Minions on shopping

    This place has a modern feel to Arabian architecture. Eat at delightful restaurants and visit traditional shops. There is also a super scenic abra ride where you can take beautiful photos.

    That was just seven of my favourite places. There are many more places that also will help you get that nice feed. I also wanted to remember you to enjoy those places in the moment and not only through a camera lens. Sometimes we just get so cought up with taking photos that we forget to just enjoy the experience. So do also put the camera or phone down and enjoy your trip!

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  2. 6 packs! May 17th 2019

    Sometimes you just find that quote that really resonates with your life and mindset, and you want to have it with you everywhere. I like various quotes, for example the classical "go with the flow".

    Go with the flow

    And it is simply because you can adapt it to various situations. It can mean that you should not worry to much about the problems you can not do anyting about. But it can also be that you should not say no to too many things, because at yes can actually bring good things. Of course you shouldn't give in to peer pressure or avoid to take your responsibilities, but sometimes we could use a bit more of a "go with the flow"- attitude.

    Here are a pack of 6 things that reminds me that I should "go with the flow" att bit more often:

    1. Coffee Mug

    Coffee Mug - Go with the flow

    What could be better then a motivational quote with your morning coffee or tea? And the cursive writing is so cute.

    2. Cellphone Cover

    Cellphone Cover - Go with the flow

    Most people nowadays bring their cellphone with them everywhere. And I am definatly guilty of that. So if there is one thing that should have a nice reminder on it, it is my cellphone.

    3. Sequin Pillow

    Sequin Pillow - Go with the flow

    This pillow is so cool. You can make patterns in it and even hide it's message if you get tired of it or if it doesn't fit the vibe of the room at the moment. But it is definetly more of a decorative pillow because it isn't very cozy. If you like your pillows more cozy you should just get a normal pillow.

    4. Notebook

    Notebook - Go with the flow

    If you are like me and still like to take notes with pen and paper you can get a notebook. If you work from home or take notes in school it is nice to remind yourself that if you encounter problems that you can not solve this very moment you should just "go with the flow". They might even solve themselves!

    5. Shopping Bag

    Shopping bag - Go with the flow

    A good looking shopping bag is always useful. And if you maybe do not go shopping for stuff like clothes and make up so often it might be better to use it for grocery shopping. In that way you won't need to use those plastic bags that is so bad for the enviroment. It is better to use reuseble bags like this one.

    6. Laptop Sleeve

    Laptop sleeve - Go with the flow

    Okay so I actually got sick of the pink and thought that it is always fun with a nice backgrund image. If you are just like me and bring your laptop with you on the plane and sometimes to a friends house and so forth, you will need a laptop sleeve. I do not really like those that you can by in most computer stores. I prefer to have something a little bit more personal, like a good quote.

    What is your favorite quote? Do you like to have the same quote on all your stuff or do you like to have diffrent quotes to switch it up?

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  3. Girl Power!

    I'm the boss - Beyonce Girl Power

    With the final tests and maybe even ending school, or working hard on the final weeks before vacation. or whatever it is that you got coming up. You need something that gives you enough motivation to end it like a boss. I like to surround myself with things that reminds me of that we need to make an effort and work hard to reach our goals.

    We all need to show that girl power!

    1. Plans for world domination

    Plans for world domination

    This beautiful pink notebook empowers you to make plans and follow them through. To have something that reminds you of your goals is really important.

    2. She believed she could so she did

    She believed she could so she did

    This text really screams girl power. Because I am one of those who believes that if you really set your mind to something, you can do it. The design of this notebook is also very stylish, hence it goes with everything.

    3. Celebrate every tiny victory

    Celebrate every tiny victory

    Leaving the notebooks behind. After all, some people do not even use them anymore. Although I still like them. However, if you are more of that girl that brings your laptop everywhere, a cute pink laptop sleeve might be your way of bringing a motivational quote with you. It is very important to celebrate every tiny victory because that will keep your motivation up. Be happy for every step that you take to get closer to your goal.

    4. Radiate positivity

    Radiate positivity

    Another pink laptop sleeve, this time with a rainbow on it. Rainbows makes you happy, don't they? That will help you to keep the postitivity up so that you can be that ray of sunlight that everybody wants to be around. A positive mindset it very important to help you achive your goals.

    5. Dream but don't sleep

    Dream but don't sleep

    This is a good looking silver tumbler cup that reminds you of the importance of daydreaming, and then actually follow your dreams.

    Choose your motivational quote and get it on whatever you use the most. And also keep in mind that every step closer to fullfilling your dreams is worth of celebrating. You should always have a goal, a dream, and there are many ways to get there. Put up small goals that will lead you to the big goal and use your girl power to accomplish those goals. Remember, if you set your mind to it, you will make it. Be that positive person that inspire the people around you to reach for their goals.

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  4. Playlist this week - 3rd May 2019

    It is always nice find new songs to add to the playlist to mix it up sometimes. This time I would like to get inspiration from diffrent countries and genres. I'm therefore going to share what I found with you guys. You might even have heard some of these songs before. Especially since some of them aren't very new. But they can be new to you. Some of them were definetly new to me and others I just happen to pick up again.

    Let's see what inspiration I could find:

    1. Wait - M83

    Wait M83

    M83 is a french group that makes special and sometimes very relaxing music. This song helps me relax and also it touches me on an emotional level. You might have already heard of this band with their very popular song "Midnight city". If not you should definetly check that song out, it is a more up-tempo song and resonates more with electronic pop-music. It has a good feel to it.

    2. Papaoutai - Stromae

    Stromae, thumbs up

    Before leaving France behind we need a french artist that actually sings in french first. And this is a song worth talking about, because it has a pretty serious message. He is singing to his father who he lost in the genocide in Rewanda. He was wondering as a boy when he was going to see his father again. "Où t'es papa où t'es?" - Where are you dad, where are you?

    3. Don't call me up - Mabel

    Feeling the beat - Girls night!

    Mabel is a young singer from the UK. This is a real party song that you will love. I feel like this is especially a good song if you are in the later part of a break up, when you are starting to feel like going out again. I mean: "Don't call me up, I'm going out tonight".

    4. We were young - Shavi

    Dancing to the beat

    Shavi is actually from Lithuania which is a small country in Europe. This is electronic music at it's best. A nice beat.

    5. Paradise - Ofenbach ft. Benjamin Ingrosso

    Benjamin Ingrosso and Felix Sandman feeling the beat

    This a cooperation between a french group and Benjamin Ingrosso from Sweden. It is a pretty unique and catchy song.

    6. FYT - Noa Sainz

    Seeing your crush

    Noa is a Mexican girl. So we are leaving Europe, at least for the moment. The song has a touch of soul but at the same time it is modern and has a pop - feel to it. She is singing about the feeling of meeting someone new.

    7. SOS - Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc

    Avicii , DJ, big gig

    Do I need to introduce this guy? Okay, so he is dead now unfortunatly. But he has recently released a new song that I had to include in this list. You probably already knew that he was swedish. He started writing this song before he died. Hence this new release after his death. Aloe Blacc who is doing the singing, is a panamainian guy raised in California. You might recognize his voice from another of Avicii's songs called "Wake me up".

    8. So am I - Ava Max

    Ava Max dancing

    This girl is another child of US immigrants. Her family is from Albania but she was born in Wisconsin and raised in Virginia. She is inspired by her heritage and she has an amazing voice. Definetly worth checking out.

    9. Remedy - Alesso

    Alesso big gig

    Another swedish DJ. Seems like swedish people knows how to do electronic music. A really good song with a really nice beat that get you into that Friday mood.

    10. Someone you loved - Lewis Capaldi

    Sponge bob crying

    Lewis is a rising star from the UK that sings with depth about heartbreaking love. So if you want someone to express your heartbreak and help you burst in to tears you have found the one.

    So this is some of the songs that I found and added to my playlist this week. I hope you also found some inspiration for your playlist. Maybe you even found an old friend to pop back into your current playlist?

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  5. Coffee anyone?

    Huge coffee cup

    Many of us need that first cup of coffee in the morning. But that is just the the first one. After that we also need regular "pick-me-ups" as the day goes on. For us, coffee is the fuel that keeps us going. When it is like this, it is important to have a nice take-away mug or tumbler mug so that the environment won't need to suffer because of our coffee addiction. Well, and also it is always nice to have a good looking one. You can also save a few dollars every week by bringing your own morning coffee with you instead of paying someone else to do it for you.

    Let's take a look at some nice coffee - and tumbler cup designs:

    A girl with goals

    A girl with goals

    We all have goals. Of course some have more specific goals then others. And some of us feel like a small motivational quote in the morning helps us feel inspired to tackle todays tasks. Then it is just perfect to have that quote written on your favorite, white tumbler cup that you can bring to work or school.

    Slay girl, slay

    Slay girl Slay

    Sometimes inspiration isn't enough and you rather need a push in the right direction. Sometimes you just need to slay at work or while tackling those homeworks late at night. Maybe this is more of a night time tumbler cup?

    Slay and hustle

    Slay and Hustle

    If you slay and hustle at home maybe there ain't no need for a tumbler cup. Maybe you like hugging a cup between your hands? I know that I sometimes like to cuddle up in my couch with a cup of coffee, my laptop and begin to tackle todays task that way. What do you prefer?

    Good morning

    Not a good morning, just morning

    Sometimes it just isn't a good morning. It simply is morning. I ones had a work mate that used to remind me of that when I said good morning to him. And can I just say that I like that the cup is silver coloured. It looks classy in some way. Can you imagine going down the streets in the morning with this take-away cup in one hand and your favorite bag in the other?

    Dream big

    Dream big

    Yes we all should dream big. Of course we'll need to hustle to get there but dreaming is free. I like having a cup that reminds me of that.

    Coffee, lots of it

    I don't know about all of you, but personally I like having something motivational or something that makes me smile in the morning. I am not one of those that jumps out of bed early in the morning all happy and ready to take on a new day. I need something that helps me get there. For me that is coffee, a lot of it... and something motivational written on my coffee cup.

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